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Meet 5: Thank Grapes It’s Tuesday

This week’s chance to meet five new people just by showing up is, as luck would have it, an opportunity that arises every week: City Cellars’ TGIT wine tasting every Tuesday evening.

City Cellars, a wine aficonado’s haven, is the first port of call for chefs and home cooks who are serious about what they serve with dinner. But it’s also an open and friendly place for those who just enjoy a fine glass of wine to discover what the world has to offer.

Every Tuesday, wine lovers also have the chance to meet one another at City Cellars. The shop hosts a tasting of a different wine every week, and also brings the winemaker in to discuss his creation with those who are interested. Light food is served, and it’s a great atmosphere for groups of friends and for making new friends.

WHAT: City Cellars TGIT wine tasting
WHEN: Every Tuesday starting at 5.30PM
WHERE: 908 Race Street, downtown – map
WHO: Hosted by City Cellars and the week’s selected winemaker
: $6 per person for wine and light food
HOW: Reservations are suggested: Call Brian on 513-621-9463 or e-mail  Brian@citycellars.biz to let them know you’re coming.

Wine photo copyright Jackie Danicki 


2 Responses

  1. Hey I this blog and read it regularly, its a great way to see whats going on in the area and I have to say that i am better off for it, i am currently living downtown within three blocks of this for months now and didnt realize it was going on, i can assure you that I will be there this time. typically i dont link back to my own blog but i am going to put a recommendation up tommorow to check this out and i want people to be able to get the info you have posted. Thanks for the heads up on the wine tasting and keep up the good work!

    Augustus & Toby the Dog

  2. This Tuesday there will be members of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company at the Tuesday Night Tasting to perform. It was very entertaining last time so I would bet that it will be a good time. And as always, good wine, good food and great company. http://www.cincyshakes.com/

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